Love is alive within her; she won’t collapse

Love is alive within her, in the way she plays with her
brunette hair while laying on her bed full of thorns.
Love is alive within her, in the way she stares at the moonlight
missing every inch of him with teary eyes.
Love is alive within her, in the way she talks about her dreams
with her cracking voice.

Love is alive within her, in the way she drinks her hot coffee
with her cold chapped lips every morning.
Love is alive within her, in the way she walks downtown carrying
her burdens and makes it look like colorful feathers.
Love is alive within her, in the way she holds her pen to
write something although the demons in her head.

Love is alive within her, in the way she laughs like a lunatic
although her silent screams at night.
Love is alive within her, in the way she looks steadily at
her scars on her thighs and smiled away.
Love is alive within her, in the way she ignites a light for other people
while drowning in the depth of her own darkness.

Oh, look at her shivering body.
Look at her agony heart.
Look at the wounds that they keep on inflicting on her.
But no, she won’t collapse. She won’t collapse at all.
Because love is still alive within her.
She is going to embrace every atom of her aching soul.

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Flic en Flac Beach – An eye catching sunset evening

Good evening lovelies, have you ever heard about Flic en Flac beach ?
Located in the district of Black River on the west coast of Mauritius, it is among the best and most popular beaches of the island. Known for its scenic views over the Indian Ocean horizon and of Le Morne Brabant Peninsula, it attracts over 500,000 visitors yearly.

What a better way to end the day than sipping a hot Cappuccino at Mafiozzo Bar & watching the sky takes on shades of orange, feeling a warm breeze embracing your body… isn’t it mesmerizing?



Why should you visit Flic en Flac + things to do

  • Turquoise coast

Lay out your beach towel and enjoy the quiet beach scene with a lagoon protected by coral reefs. There’s plenty of room for feet-up relaxation on the sands, and picnics beneath the shade of  Casuarina trees. There are designated swimming areas which you should remain in due to very strong currents; make sure to check the signs before going for a swim.



  • Diving paradise

Get a close-up of the tropical marine life with Ticabo Diving Centre; professional and friendly staff who provide help for both beginners and divers. They emphasize on safety and quality equipments which leaves you with a secured and fearless feeling while taking on the dive, and it will be about 12 meters under water. The Cathedral is another hotspot. It’s an underwater cave with the light peeking through a crack in the ceiling giving it a stained-glass appearance.



  • Highlights on land

“Swing West where the Sun shines”. Tamarina Golf Estate (10 minutes’ drive away) offers a practice range over 43 hectares of rugged Savannah land framed and 18 holes which have been specially designed to give spectacular views of the towering mountain range.

Hungry ? Don’t worry, you can find plenty of typical Mauritian street food stalls at the car parks and fresh fruits in abundance!

Top Restaurants

  • Domaine Ana (Chinese, Seafood, European, Asian & Soups)
  • Zub Express (Chinese & Indian)
  • Rib & Reef (Seafood, Steak and Grill)
  • Ah Youn (Chinese cuisines)
  • Chez Pepe (Italian food)
  • Sawasdee Thai (Thai flavors)
  • Twin’s Garden (Buffet and live shows on Friday nights)
  • Paul & Virginie ( Romantic food e.g, grilled fish , palm-heart salads…)
  • Sunset Garden (Chinese, European, Seafood & Mauritian cuisines)
  • Citronella’s Cafe ( Italian)
  • Le Bougainville (Mauritian dishes, Seafood, Chinese)

Luxurious Hotels

  • Hilton Resort & Spa
  • La Pirogue Resort & Spa
  • Sugar Beach Resort
  • Sofitel Resort & Spa
  • Aanari Hotel & Spa
  • Maradiva Villas
  • Sand Suites Resort & Spa
  • Anelia Resort & Spa
  • Pearle Beach & Spa

Top 6 Beach Bars (Nightlife)

  • Banana Beach Club
  • C Beach Club
  • Big Willy’s
  • Lakaz
  • Lambic
  • Shotz

P.s : Flic en Flac comes from an Old Dutch phrase, “Fried Landt Flaak”, meaning free, flat land. 🙂